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6200 Electrically operated curtain tracks

  • Made in Europe
  • Electrically operated curtain track. One of the leading products in our assortment
  • Extremely pliable in different radii and high quality
  • Ultra-quiet and can be used in a wide variety of situations – to enhance home comfort, but also in the care sector as an aid for disabled persons and the elderly
  • The system can also be integrated in most home automation systems. See various connection schemes.
  • This rail can be used with different versions of the G-motion motors. Our heaviest motor can handle a rail length of 3 meters and as much as 180kg.
  • It can be easily mounted in various ways on a wall or ceiling
  • Unique compact pulley and intermediate pulley. This gives the system a tighter finish.
  • Curtains can be either single or center closed

6500 Skylight system

  • Strong electrical system for glass roofs, sloping windows (min. 15%) and large conservatories.
  • The Qurails 6500 system is equipped with CAN-bus technology and can be connected to most home automation systems
  • Curved shapes are possible
  • Electrically operated systems enables the user to have control with a switch, remote control or via a home automation system.

6700 Skylight system

  • The 6700 is a strong electrically operated system for glazed roofs, skylights and horizontal windowed surfaces.
  • The Qurails 6700 system is equipped with CAN-bus technology and can be connected to most home automation systems
  • Through special aluminium profiles spaces up to 4m wide can be covered.
  • Without intermediate support, keeping the open atmosfere of Skylights intact. An ideal system  to help control interiour light and temperature.


  • Designed and built in The Netherlands
  • G-motion’s modular design offers a great set of added functionalities
  • Integratable with home automation system, numerous customizable options
  • Set timers to close your curtains and open them early.
  • Compatible with Qurails’ top quality curtain tracks and accessories
  • Competitive pricing and great service!
  • Sun and twilight function