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2102 Hand-Drawn Curtain Tracks

  • The Qurails 2102 narrow channel profile is one of the most popular tracks.
  • It can be easily mounted in various ways on a wall or ceiling.
  • Used in widely ranging situations, such as office buildings, care institutions and bay windows in private homes.
  • Compatible with Flow for regularly pleated curtains.
  • Silent and smooth running. Easy to bend, and of exceptional quality.

4100 Hand-Drawn Curtain Tracks

  • The strongest curtain track in our assortment
  • Ideal for all types of sheers and (heavy) curtains
  • The slim, high form of the profile gives it an industrial look
  • Highly popular and used in private homes as well as in professional environments such as office buildings, hotels and care institutions
  • Easy to mount on a wall, ceiling, or as a suspended system
  • Exceptionally easy to bend

4400 Hand-Drawn Curtain Tracks

  • A stable, elegant curved curtain track that can be invisibly mounted on a ceiling
  • Discrete and high-quality appearance
  • The ideal curtain track for sheers, medium-weight or heavy curtains
  • Easy to mount on either a wall or a ceiling
  • Exceptionally easy to bend

6200 Hand-Drawn Curtain Tracks

  • The Qurails 6200 track is suitable for practically all curtain fabrics ranging from standard sheers to heavy theatre curtains
  • It can be mounted invisibly on a ceiling using fixing clamps and is also available with various wall supports.
  • It does not matter if heavy or light curtains are hung – they will always slide smoothly and silently in Qurails 6200 tracks
  • A popular track that can be used in a wide variety of situations, such as private homes, theatres and offices.
  • The ideal track for your sheers, medium-weight or heavy curtains
  • Easy to bend and of exceptional quality.

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